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(Trans. A. Deletant & B. Walker, Forest Books)

I move a white day.
He moves a black one.
I advance with a dream.
He takes it to war.
He attacks my lungs.
I think for about a year in hospital.
I make a brilliant combination
And win a black day.
He moves a disaster.
And threatens me with cancer
(which moves for the moment in the shape of a cross)
But, I put a book before him
He's obliged to retreat.
I win a few more pieces,
But, look, half my life
Is taken.
- If I give you check, you lose your optimism,
He tells me,
- It doesn't matter, I joke,
I'll do the castling of feelings.

Behind me my wife, children.
The sun, the moon and other onlookers
Tremble for every move I make.

I light a cigarette
And continue the game.




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